Oregon Craft Beer Month

Coalition Brewing is one of Portland’s newest brewpubs. So new, the website doesn’t even have a phone number listed (and don’t call the one on Google Maps unless you want to draw the ire of the number’s owner, who is in no way related to the brewery).

Still, the brewpub seems like it’s off to a great start otherwise. When my wife and I visited on a Thursday night, the garage door of the former wine bar was open, and every table was full with Portlanders in their 20s and early 30s. I ordered a sausage sandwich with my red, which came accompanied not by fries or chips, but by a nicely dressed arugula salad. The sausage was good, if a little over-spiced, and I really appreciated how well the IPA came through in the mustard, though it was seriously over-sweet. At times I felt like I was eating a Krispy Kreme sausage.

The corn fritters, on the other hand? Awesome. They were drizzled with a pesto-like sauce that was really nice. I’ve long hoped for a small brewpub with great food, and I think this might be it.

King Kitty Red Beer Review

Flavor Wheel for King Kitty Red Beer Review

Beer Name: King Kitty Red
Brewer: Coalition Brewing (Portland, Oregon)
Price: $3.75
Sampled: July 115, 2010
Rating: 3/5
Notes: An intriguing herbal note … something root-y. Licorice? Earthy/bitter. Cloudy and deep mahogany red/brown.
ABV: 5.74% abv
IBU: 59 ibu
Serving Type: Draft.

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